The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning was made possible by the generosity of the individuals and corporations below.

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The Leeds Family:
Dalia and Larry Leeds
Ashley Leeds and Christopher Harland
Tracy Leeds and Evan Marwell


The Kiam Family
Karen and William Ackman and
Pershing Square Foundation


Alice and Tom Tisch


John and Jody Arnhold/C.O.U.Q Foundation
Matthew and Samuel Bronfman
Emanuel Chirico for PVH Corp./IZOD
Cullman Family
Jill Stuart and Ron Curtis
Caryn and Craig Effron
Roy Goodman and Family
Eric Hadar and Family
Susan and John Hess
Dee and Tommy Hilfiger
Bob Horne and Laurie Lindenbaum
Peter Kellogg
Elyse Kroll
Ricky and Ralph Lauren
Milken Family Foundation
Kristin and Robert Rahr
Stewart J. Rahr
Alison and Richard Ressler
Jamie and Tony Ressler
Pat and John Rosenwald
Mara and Ricky Sandler
Ann and Tom Unterberg


Catherine and Fred Adler
Gary Brody
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Henry Buhl
Kenneth Cole
Jean and Sandy Colen
Anne C. and Jerome Fisher
Arlene and Morris Goldfarb
Cynthia and Jamie Kempner
Evelyn and Leonard Lauder
Steven Newhouse
Pamela and Edward Pantzer
Arthur Ross Foundation
Susan and Peter Solomon
Ann and Andrew Tisch
Wilma "Billie" Tisch


Cicily and Lee Backus
Peggy and John Bader
Debra and Leon Black
Edgar Bronfman
Josephine Chaus
Discovery Communications
Ellen and Daniel Crown
Valerie and Charles Diker
Dan and Alisa Doctoroff
Martin Granoff
Skip Hartman
Stefan Kaluzny 
Georgia and David Keidan
David Koch
Thomas Lee
Roger Markfield
John McEnroe
Jenifer and Mark Megalli
Hermione and Sidney Migdon
Beth and Joshua Nash
Bo Polk, George Plimpton and James Polk
Mark Rachesky
Carol Rahr
Gary and Peggy Reiner
Andrew Rosen
Lewis Schott
Steve Schott
Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein
Irene and Bernard Schwartz
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
The Sternlicht Family Foundation
Bonnie and Daniel Tisch
Laurie Tisch
Merryl and James Tisch
John and Dan Tishman
Dan Tocatly
Abby and Les Wexner
Elaine and James Wolfensohn
Daniel Ziff


Robert Adler
Judy Hart and John M. Angelo
Deborah and Clarel Antoine
ATP World Tour
Pat and Jay Baker
Danielle and Maurice Bidermann
Timothy Cherotti
Jason Cohen
Creative Brand Craftmanship, LLC
Renne and Ezra Dabah
Glenn Dubin
Pat and Edward Falkenberg
Fox Family Foundation
Paul Fribourg
Frieda and Roy Furman
Tony Giammalva
Victoria and William Grace
Joe Gromeck
Stephen P Hanson Family Foundation
Richard A. Hayne
Ronnie Heyman
Dwight R. Hilson
Barbara and Thomas Israel
June Jacobs
Mariana and George Kaufman
Kelly and Calvin Klein
Deborah Slaner Larkin
Fay Ann Lee
Leen Foundation
Alice Luftig
Polly Scott and Jim Maher
Maidman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin
Susan and Stephen Mandel
Bruce Manson
Ellen and James S. Marcus
Susan and Morris Mark
David Markin
Morgan Stanley
Steven Mnuchin
Samuel Newhouse Foundation
Sue and Don Newhouse
Victor Niederhoffer
Nancy and Morris Offit
William C. and Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust
Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans
Pittman Family Foundation
Premier Tennis Group
Gail and Larry Rose
Nilli and Nathaniel de Rothschild
Perri Peltz and Eric Ruttenberg
Christine and Stephen A. Schwarzman
Susan and Danny Schwarzwalder
Amy and Glen Siegel
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and
Carl Spielvogel
Anne and Bernard Spitzer
Eliot L. Spitzer
Terry and Robert Strang
Renée Taubman
John Tishman
Penny Pritzker and Bryan Traubert
Amy and John Weinberg
Deborah and Peter Weinberg
Sue Ann and John Weinberg


Cecillia and Jeff Assaf
Ralph and Yasmeen Bernstein
Bostock Family Foundation
Bob and Mike Bryan
Al and Lynn Bunis
Louisa and John Cohlan
Carole and Stan Cooke
Joyce Cowin
Daniel Crown
Susan Cullman
The Durst Organization
Andra and John Ehrenkranz
Vivian and Roger Farah
George Feldenkreis
H.S. Fitz Gibbon II
Bobbie and Lew Frankfort
Nicki and J. Ira Harris
Gilbert Harrison
Randi and Andy Heine
Nizza and John Heyman
Dwight R. Hilson
Paul and Sonia Jones
Tom Kempner
Tori and Michael Kempner
George Klein
Kyle Kliegerman
Faith and Jeffery Kogan
Dylan, Kyle and Fallon Kogan
Robert Kotick
Ludwig Kuttner
Linda and Ben Lambert
Kenneth G. Langone
Loida N. Lewis
Armand Lindenbaum
John L. Loeb
Terry Lundgren
John MacIntosh
Macy"s and Bloomingdale"s
Maurice Marciano
Money Management Group
Alan G. Mnuchin
Lester and Dinny Morse
Nancy and Morris Offit
Susan and Alan Patricof
Eleanor and Rodney Propp
Hal Reiter
Eric A. and Harriet Z. Rothfeld
Bob and Judy Rubin
David Schulhof
Jonny Schulhof
Fay and Bill Shutzer
Tracy Schwarzschild
Fay and Bill Shutzer
Yehuda Shmidman
Alan Slifka
Alexander Sloane
Iris and Michael Smith
Matthew Snyder
Steven Sprung
Suzanne Lengyel and David Steadly
Syde Hurdus Foundation
Connie and Jeff Tarrant
Daniel Tishman
Lee and Marvin Traub
Hal Upbin
Victorinox-Swiss Army Knife Foundation
Dani and Ted Virtue
Greg Weaver
Cici and Alan Wilkinson


Ray Benton
Anne and Jeb Boucher
Diane Buchman
Lisa and Dick Cashin
James Crystal
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz
Betsy Finkle-Ross
Lauri Levitt Friedland
Katie Brown and Bill Gedale
Wendy Gellman
Richard Goddard
Martin Goldberg
Alan Golub
Jennifer and Jon Harris
Sylvia Kay Hassenfeld
Dwight R. Hilson
Karen Ikeda
J. Howard & Brenda LaGrange Johnson Family Fund
Richard Kessler
Hicks Lanier
Phyllis and William Mack
Sondra and David Mack
Isidore Mayrock
Martin H. Miller
Jonathan Molin
Joel Pashcow
Burton Resnick
Joanna and Dan Rose
Betsy Finkle-Ross
Lisa and Harry Segalas
Anna Marie and Bob Shapiro
Henry Silverman
Suzanne Slesin and Michael Steinberg
Betsy and Walter Stern
Robert Stewart
Barnard Sachs Straus
Marlene and Harold Strauss
Sussman Sales Company, Inc.
Jean and Ray Troubh
Sheila and Stephen Wald
Marion and Elie Wiesel


Benjamin and Elizabeth Abrams Foundation
Alexander Acquavella
Alan Andreini
Neale and Louise Attenborough
Brenda and Carlin Axelrod
Alison and Norm Axelrod
Maxine and Thomas Baker
Elena Bantovska
Renee and Bob Belfer
Lawrence Benenson
Zoe Bernstein
Ann and Ken Bialkin
Peter Boneparth
Amy and Anders Brag
Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer
Robb Bunnen
Dale and Bob Burch
Allen and Joan Boyce
C. Carl Foundation, Inc.
Vincent Celenza 
Kathy and Paul Charron
York Chu
Betta Clair
Larry Coben
Suzanne and Bob Cochran
Betsy and Alan Cohn
Cynthia Ott and Jim Coleman
Joseph F. Cullman III
David Dinkins
Pat and Nick DiPaolo
Jane and Bill Donaldson
Abbey Doneger
Matthew Dontzin
Petter Dottino
Victoria Dubin
John Ehrenkranz
Dasha Epstein
Dinah and Uri Evan
Lorinda and Peter Ezersky
The Feldman Family 
Hilary Feshback
Mike Feuer
Lori and Mark Fife
Fifth & Pacific Foundation
S. Marcus Finkle
Sara Fornaciari
Eric Fromm
Lueza and Bruce Gelb
Michael Glaser
Pam Glick
Lawrence Gordon
Jon Gray 
Craig Hatkoff
Bob Harrison
Malo and John Harrison
Jeffrey K Harrow
Carol Mann and Howard Helene
Maria Brisbane and Wallace Henderson
Steve Hentschel
Theodore Herman
Peggy and Tommy Hess
Billy Heyman
Fred and Audrey Horne
Ian James
Marian Javits
Barry Josephson
Jim Kallman
Harvey Karp
Bruce Kaufmann
Robert Kerson
KeyBanc Capital Markets
Bruce Klatsky
Kristen and Charles Krusen
Vivek Kumar
Craig Leavitt
Bonnie and Frank Lautenberg
Isabelle R. Leeds
Barry LePatner
Sarah Lese
Audrey and Henry Levin
Karen and Paul Levy
Ann and Tom Lewyn
Walter Liebman
Lisa Linden
Leonard Litwin
The Lucy Foundation
Carmel Malkin
Joanne and Norman Matthews
Matthijssen Business Systems
Gina and Michael Martin
Merlin Foundation
Sam Michaels
Missy and Jay Moorhead
Linda T. and John R. Mitchell
Ron Nano
Susan and Harry Newton
Lionel Pincus
Liz and Jeff Peek
Laura and John Pomerantz
Kelli and Allan Questrom
Chris Ramdhani
Ethel Romm
Paula and Leon Root
Barbara Roseff
Nancy Stephens Rosenthal
Robert de Rothschild
Jeanne and Bobby Savitt
Lisa and Michael Schultz
Sheila and Richard Schwartz
Lucy Scott
Sam Scott
Theodore Seides
Steve Shane
Steven Simkin
Barbara and Peter Siris
Francesca and Bruce Slovin
Sharon and Howard Socol
Sue and Zach Solomon
Jerry Speyer
David Steinhardt
Wenke Thoman and Bill Sterns
Bonnie and Thomas Strauss
Punch Sulzberger
Lynn Syms
Jaclinn and Michael Tanney
Rita and Burton Tansky
Jacqueline and Howard Tooter
Bob Towbin
Jean and Ray Troubh
Donald Trump
William J. Tully
Lauren and John Veronis
Leesa and Leon Wagner
Dan Waldman
Carol and Michael Weisman
Caren and Roger Weiss
David Wenstrup
Donna and Walter Wick
Bill Wiese
James J. Wilson
USTA Eastern & Jill Fonte

< $1,000

Dr. and Mrs. David Altchek
Kenneth Askenase
Barnett Interiors
Barbara and Michael Bebon
Bonnie Bell-Curran
Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation
Joan and Robert Bernhard
Andrew M. Blum
Keisha Boatswain
Suzanne and John Brandt
Miriam Breitbart
Beth Brownstein
Jonathan Bush
Matthew Butts
Mitchell Charnas
Barbara Chin
CHSAA Diocese of Brooklyn
Christopher Clouser
Babette and Carmel Cohen
Jody Shechtman and Jeffrey Cohen
Kimberly Cooper
David Cornstein
Arthur Cowen, III
Andrew J. Cowin
Robert S. Cramer, Jr.
Carlos Cuevas
Bernard Curry
Scott Daly
Nevin Danziger
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Arvind Dharia
Takisha Dozier
Gina Emdin
Howard Endelman
Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
Jonathan I. Grabel
John H. Gutfreund
Dagmar Feldman
Jack Fornaciari
Julian Friedman
A.S.C. Fuller
Joan and Bill Furth
Robert Glanville
Ellen Goldberg
Gerald Goldsmith
Ruth and David Gottesman
Michael Gould
Andrew Greenebaum
Jonathan I. Grabel
Christine and Jim Gray
Pamela Cohen Hallagan
Sheila and Larry Handler
Gina Pampena and David Harland
Janie and J.B. Harrison
Grace and Miguel Hennessy
Betty and Rodger Hess
Karen M. Hoguet
John C. Horvitz
Carole and Jim Hunt
Pamela Rose and Kevin Hyman
Sarah J. Jaffe
Michael S. Jeffries
Ashley Johnson
Mark Kaicher
Ellen and Donald Kallman
Marisa Karmitz
Daniel R. Katz
Michelle and Greg Katz
Stuart Katzman
Robert J. Kaufman
Howard Kesseler
David Kleinberg
Kevin P. Kilroy
Sheryl and Gary Kissin
Kelly Klein
David Kleinberg
Sharon and Frederick Klingenstein
Dan and Lorri Klonsky
Nathaniel Kramer
Richard Krantz
John T. Krascella
Leonard Kreppel
Melvin Kupperman
Gerard Laffan
Jennifer M. Lee
Amy B. Leeds
Nancy F. Leeds
Nadine and Peter Levy
Steve Levy
Dan Limbago
Lauren Danielle London
Sandy and Hugh Lowenstein
Clare Ludgate
Barbara Lyne
Stephen J. Maguire
Srinath Mahankali
Julia and Justin Mallis
Barbara E. Marwell
Judy and Jeff McElnea
Mark McIntyre
Joe McKenna
Lonnie McKinstry
Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKnight
Jennifer Miller
Mary and Gerald Millman
Antonia and Spiros Milonas
Jamie and David Mitchell
Guillermo Morales-Rubert
Beth and Joshua Nash
James A. Nicholson
NYJTL Community Tennis Program Site Directors
Andrew Obstler
Lawrence H. Oshin
Dean E. Palin
Gary Perchick
Andrew and Lisa Peretz
Bonnie and Bill Pope
Robert Spencer Potts
Anne Prosser
Reiner-Finlay Foundation
Hunter Reisner
Missie Rennie
Kerstin Rhodie
Riverside Clay Tennis Association
Rita and Bruce Roberts
Ronald S. Rolfe
Kathy and Matthew Root
Barbara Roseff
Carol Rosenwald
Annelle and Richard Savitt
Norman Scher
Ellen and Dan Shapiro
Barbara Siegel
Mitchell Silverman
Selma and Alvin Silverman
Ben Singer
Ken Sitomer
Richard Smithline
Roberta E. Sonnino
Beth and Allan Stern
Menachem Sternberg
Donald Stone
Susan and Marc Strausberg
Richard Sutton
Debra and Steven Tanger
Marilyn R. Taubman
Rosalie Taubman
Fran and Leonard Tessler
David Thomas
Elise Udolf
Marla Wasserman
Mindy and Stanley Weil
TD Werblin
Gary and Nina Wexler
David Wilkenfeld
Carter Wilson
Barbara and John Wynne
Lois Wyse
Shelly Yaloz
Seymour W. Zises
With Special Thanks
GillWright Group
LePatner & Associates LLP
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
Ken Frydman and Source
United States Tennis Association
USTA Serves