Our goal in the Development Level is to teach the students how to play tennis. We use a “Game Based Model” (GBM) that introduces skills as part of playing the game. We follow a youth progression pathway that uses low compression balls (foam, red, orange, green and yellow), proper sized courts and equipment and modified scoring that enables children to play tennis faster. The program is designed to introduce tennis, improve children’s self-confidence, athletic skills while they learn basic tennis skills.

Sessions: Four 8-week sessions: Sessions 3 & 4 run 9 weeks to allow for school breaks*

Starting Dates: #1 – 9/18-11/12/17      #2 – 11/13/17-1/21/18      #3 – 1/22-3/25/18      #4 – 3/26-5/27/18

No Classes: 12/19/17 – 1/1/18

Program Components:

  • One 60 minutes Class for Blue Ball; One 90 minute Class for Red, Orange, Green and Yellow Classes.
  • Athletic skills development on class days
  • Sunday Practice Session
Transportation: Daily Roundtrip transportation (pickup from schools and drop off at home) available. $40 RT
and $25 one-way; contact Allison Sands at asands@nyjtl.org.